Transmutation: Taking Your Business From Lead to Gold (2013) Syd Scott, Larry Earnhart, Shawn Ireland

A New Book Combining Critical Thinking and Practical Advice for Entrepreneurs

Written by three business professors from the Vancouver area, Transmutation: Taking Your Business From Lead to Gold (2013) shows entrepreneurs and business people how to move out of stagnation and into growth situations.

Providing practical advice and drawing on the research and practice of experts, this handbook is unique in the way it sums up wisdom from those who teach MBA students and those who coach and consult with new and challenged entrepreneurs. Syd Scott, Larry Earnhart, Shawn Ireland share their insights in mentoring those who face a rapidly changing business environment.

Entrepreneurs often start with an exciting idea. However, at some point they run into roadblocks, such as not enough customers, not enough sales, and not enough repeat business. Instead of the joy of bringing the plan into reality, they face a daily slog.

The key to turning deadness to new life is making small, incremental changes. That involves altering habits and gaining new knowledge to prepare for making decisions. The transformation that occurs can be astonishing!

The message of this book is that critical thinking and mindset changes can take entrepreneurs from one stage to another in their business ventures so that they can turn lead to gold! Chapters are organized for easy reading and focus on such issues as target marketing, goal setting, referrals, and building teams. Overall, the intent is to meet the needs of small business owners who are often baffled by market change and need to make sensible but effective choices to move to the next level in profits.

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